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Thursday, October 29, 2020

YST Episode 181 Hebridean sheep breed review

The Hebridean sheep have long dual coated wool in various colors.  I used my study to not only spin the fiber but to show on live stream how to separate the two coats.

The fiber was purchased from Wychwood Spinner Etsy shop.

A short video on Twitch.tv show how to pull for long tog from the short thel using this fiber.

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YST Episode 180 Lonk Sheep Breed Review

First up in the podcast is a report on my study of the Lonk Sheep Breed.  It's short so I went on to talk about all the spinning projects I have currently going that involve the Merino Breed.   Later, I will do a more complete breed study for that breed.  Finally, I talk about the second Tour de Fleece that ran from Aug 26th to Sept 20th, and what I spun during that time.

Lonk fiber was purchased from Wychwood Spinner

Superwash merino that I spun into sock yarn was purchased from Yarn Hollow.

Sadly, the Ozark Carding Mill I mention is permanently closed.

The Facebook group I have been using for the study of different sheep breeds is called 52 weeks of sheep.  I am not sure if FB will allow the link to work.


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Saturday, September 12, 2020

YST Episode 179 Tour de Fleece 2020

In this unusual year, even the Tour de Fleece was affected.  The Tour de France did not run in July as usual, but was celebrated on Ravelry anyway.  Then when the Tour did ride in Sept, we did it again.

This podcast is about what I spun and learned during the first Tour.  I also included the breed review for Yak fiber, since spinning it was one of my challenge day projects.

The Yak fiber was purchased from Laughing Lamb fibers.

If you are looking for my live stream, it is on Twitch.tv

Need a way to document your spinning project from start to finish?  I created the Spinners Journal for doing just that!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

YST Episode 178 Coopworth Breed review

The Coopworth Sheep breed is a relatively new breed, as sheep breeds go.  The sample I worked with was from a lamb and contained long lovely locks.  I cover in this podcast how to wash and spin locks, and the specifics of this sampling.

Information on the Breed is from the Fleece and Fiber Source Book.

Another book I mention is Merino by Margaret Stove.

Previously I reviewed Coopworth in Episode 45.

I have also done a live stream on washing locks.

In the second part of this live stream, I show how to spin those locks.

All of my live streams are being archived on my channel on YouTube, so if those links above do not work try going to this channel.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

YST Episode 177 Ryeland sheep breed review

A new computer meant a whole new learning curve on new software to record and edit podcasts.  I think I finally have a set up I am happy to release.

In this short podcast, I review one of the 52 weeks of sheep breeds, called Ryeland.

I talked about this breed in the first part of a  previous podcast, you can access that with this link.

The Ryeland fiber was purchased from Marie Redding fiber on Etsy.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

YST is going live stream on Twitch TV

So much behind that title!  I am not stopping the audio podcast.  I am moving forward on the wave of technology and taking my concept for YST with it.  I have set up a channel on TwitchTV

You can find me under the same name as the podcast, yarnspinnerstales.

I plan to live stream twice a week and during those videos you can join me, chat by typing, watch in the video what I am working on (and have been trying to explain with words for 12 years in the podcast!) ask me questions,tell me what you are doing, and so on and so on.  I think as the community of listeners/watchers/chatters grow we will come close to a vision I have always had for YST, a spin in.

I also have a Discord channel set up for us to chat, and share photos.  It would be a great place to ask questions you would like me to answer there or show on the next live stream.  Click this link for the invitation to join the channel.

Live streams will be Weds evenings and Sunday afternoons.  Once you are on Twitch and are following my channel, make sure you also click to be alerted when I go live.  The alert will always tell you in your own time zone.

If you can not watch the live stream, the videos will be available on my channel for 2 weeks.  Be sure to check in and watch it.


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Thursday, July 02, 2020

YST Episode 176 White face Woodland breed review

The breed White Face Woodland was studied by the 52 weeks of sheep group on week 14.  Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain a sample of this fiber yet.  But this breed is not new to me, I reviewed it way back on Feb15 2014.  It is Episode 104 and I encourage you to hit the link and listen to it again.

The picture I show with this podcast are the tiny skeins I did during that first study.  The fiber came from Hilltop Cloud.

In the second part of this podcast I talk about doing a virtual shopping tour of one of my local fiber fairs.

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YST Episode 175 Shropshire Breed review

This breed review, second of the three I did at the same time, covers the Shropshire breed, another Down breed from the British Isles.  

I had two sources of the fiber.  The first, a small sample, came from Wychwood Spinner.  The second was from Marie Redding Fiber Arts Etsy store.  The samples were completely different, so I combined them into one yarn, a tail spun yarn to display the lovely long locks in the Marie Redding sample.

I mention the book The Spinners Book of Yarn Designs, as a source for one way to make tail spun yarn.

Another method for tail spinning can be seen on this You Tube video.

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YST Episode 174 Oxford Down breed review

For this month, I am releasing three shorter podcasts, all reviewing sheep breeds.  These do not ave to be listened to in any specific order, it was just how I recorded and edited these.

The sample I used to review the fiber was part of a Down Breed study from Wychwood Spinner.

I also refer to the book The Fleece and Fiber Source Book by Carol Ekarius and Deborah Robson.

This breed was studied by the group 52 weeks of sheep on week 12.

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Friday, June 19, 2020

YST Episode 173 Gulf Coast Native Breed Review

The sheep breed for this podcast was new to me, after all my years of reviewing.  The Gulf Coast Native was raised long ago for it's tolerance to the conditions of the deep US south regions.  But it lost it's favored position, and is now on the critical list of sheep breeds.  The group 52 weeks of sheep included it this year in it's list to study.  I purchased my fiber sample from Herie7 in  the Etsy store.

I also spend some time talking about washing fleeces that are very dirty.  Beside the dish detergent Dawn which is readily available, I review Namaste Farms washing products from Natalie Redding.  It is available from the Woolery here.

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