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Monday, November 18, 2019

YST Episode 166 Book Review

The book Spinning Wool beyond the Basics is by Anne Field.  This podcast is a review of the book.

There are two editions of this book.  The first, published in 2010 by Trafalgar Square Publishing is shown here on Ebay.  Google book link is here.

The second edition was published by A & C Black Publishers.  It seems to be the same book and information, although I have not seen an actual copy of the book yet.  It is shown in this link at Alibris.

I talk about her differentiating between four ways to spin, woolen, semi woolen, worsted, and semi worsted.  The preparation of the fiber and the actual way it is spun, determines which type of yarn you are spinning.

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Saturday, November 02, 2019

YST Episode 165 Herding the Stash

This podcast continues from episode 164, for Oct 2019.  I talk about a few problems I had to solve during the Spin Together, with my wheel and spinning. 

The strange title of this podcast. is all about a major reorganization I did of my fiber.

The 100 year shawl along I mention, can be found as a group on Facebook.  That is also true of the other group I am in called 52 Weeks of Sheep.

One of the breeds this group recently studied was Babydoll Southdown, and I talk some in the podcast about this breed's information.

The fiber fair I went to and talk about in this podcast has a web page here, if you want to plan to go next October.

My wonderful door prize at the fiber fair, came from Rock and String Creations.

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