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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

February Spin-In Podcast is posted

The Spin-In podcast for February is posted here.

Or if you have subscribed in Itunes, it should be there now. For those of you that are new to Itunes and have had a hard time finding my podcast through it, here is a short tutorial. If you do not have Itunes downloaded to your computer, you can go to the Itunes store, click on podcasts, and in the search box type Yarnspinners Tales. It should show up with that search.

If you have Itunes downloaded to your computer and have had trouble getting it to subscribe to this podcast, open Itunes and at the top open 'Advance'. Find subscribe to a podcast and in the box type or cut and paste: http://yarnspinnerstales.libsyn.com/rss.

In this podcast I talk about two completely different sheep breeds' fleeces, the cheviot and the corriedale and my experience sample spinning those wools. Around these sections is music that just made me laugh out loud, and I hope you enjoy it as much also.

And since it is the month of hearts and pink, here's my spinning project: pink superwash roving.

It's still cold enough outside to really enjoy sitting by a cozy fire, and the spin-in part of the podcast was recorded right here:

That's my haldane spinning wheel, and a full picture of the wheel and fireplace is on the podcast webpage.
Finally just a photo of the beginning of the spinning:

This wheel is small and therefore very portable, however, it only has two ratios so I tend to spin one size yarn on it, generally sock weight. That's exactly what this yarn will eventually make, a pair of socks for me, plus probably many baby items since it is truly baby pink in color.
Listen in to my yarnspinners tale as I talk about just how the internet has changed our world of spinning. According to a computer magazine just published, the internet is 16 years old this year. Oh my, sweet sixteen and just look how you have changed our world. Imagine, just imagine what it will be like in another 16 years.