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Monday, November 18, 2002

[7/23/2002 10:05:30 AM | Cindy Williams]
I finished the spinning on the Romney/silk roving that is to be a hat for hubby. I had a pound of roving, and so far have a total of 370 yards of a two ply yarn, and used 12 1/2 oz of the roving. The color is a light apple green with flecks of white silk. There is a definate sheen to the yarn, although it is moderately soft in feel, even after washing.

I do not know how this 'blogging' will work, I had to leave the computer three times just to get the above information :)

My current spinning project is a forest green heather wool top, that I am spinning into very thick yarn. The sheen is unbelieveable. I have no plans for this yarn, except to try and sell it.

I am considering buying some mini wool combs. I have the large Viking 5 pitch combs, and really love them, but find the are NOT at all portable. So I would like something small to use as I sit as my spinning wheel.


Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Test post

I 'broke' my other blog, by messing with the html code. So I am going to set this one up, and try to transfer the posts from the cwblog.