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Monday, September 14, 2015

Fourth batch The Big Wash up

That top photo shows the unwashed skein, the skein in the second photo, far left shows what a difference a nice soak in water will make in a skein's appearance.  I often feel the same after a nice hot bubble bath!

That skein is BFL/silk blend dyed by Natural Obsessions ( sadly no longer in business) the color way is Herb Shoppe. I split the entire roving in half lengthwise and spun each on bobbins from the same end, then 2 plied those singles.  There is 522 yards, WPI? This was spun on my Roberta.

Going on, left to right:

The next two skeins were not in this batch but we're still hanging to dry when I took the picture.  A cameo appearance of the Enchanted Knoll Batts yarn.

Alpaca 100 % koolade dyed by my daughter.  47 yards, 6 WPI 2 ply.

Weslendale fiber dyed by Painted Tiger color way Fairy Ring. 165 yards 2 ply 11 WPI.

Angora/ dyed silk batt by Fluffington Farms, color way Dreamsicle.  Two skeins spun on the Ashford traditional with the lace flyer.  WPI ?  80 and 36 yards 2 ply.

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