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Monday, September 14, 2015

Batch one, The Big Wash up

This post and the following five are connected to my podcast Yarnspinnerstales, episode 128.

I have been in the habit of just sticking yarns into boxes with the intention of washing them later, in a batch.  The 'later' finally happened, over the last few weeks.  I took photos of each batch as well as updated my Ravelry handspun stash pages as I worked on this project.  You can find me on Ravelry as Yarnspinnerstales.

Polworth dyed by Rovings.  Plied with a natural brown color polworth single.

The roving was one large continuous color progression with no repeats.  When I saw this, I decided I wanted to keep those colors in that progression.  So I rolled all the roving into one big ball, started at one end and kept on spinning until the end.  The challenge was then to keep those singles in order (the start being on the inside of each bobbin) during spinning and plying.  I did this by marking bobbins well and notes.  Also to keep the colors I used the brown for the plying single.  It was a beautiful fiber to spin. Since I was spinning on my Roberta with the regular bobbins, I ended up with 13 skeins of various yardages.  Total is 1243 yards of a 12 WPI 2 ply.


Anonymous said...

In episode 128 I was very interested in your comments about the trivek (?) bands that had been recommended to you by PhotoKitty on Ravelry as a means to label your skeins while dyeing and that the ink identification did not "run" or wash off. You noted that they were available in a 100 band pack of 5 colors available on Ebay for around $5. I must have searched incorrectly since I can't find them. Do you remember the correct spelling of the product &/or where on Ebay you found them?

YST said...

The tags are called Tyvek, and I purchased them on Amazon, not Ebay. I am sorry if I misspoke on the podcast, I have purchased items from both sites so much, it was an easy mistake.