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Monday, September 14, 2015

Second batch The Big Wash up

Merino/silk/bamboo top dyed by Lisa Sousa with remaining fiber to be spun.  I got this fiber at Stitches Midwest, and also my Trindle spindle.  So I started spinning this fiber on that spindle right away.  I am still working on this project  and just love the process and the yarn.  170 yards 2 ply 16 WPI.

From left to right:

Magic Five challenge skein, TdF 13, I call it anything but wool.  The challenge was to put 5 things into a batt and spin it.  I used brown llama, light gray angora,white mohair,bright blue bamboo and rainbow color fire star.  This is the order from most to smallest amounts no exact percentages.  I made three batts and spun a single and then chain plied the yarn.  70 yards, 11 WPI 3 ply.

Wild Hair Studio art batt. 47 yards, 2 ply 10 WPI.

BFL dyed by Frabjous Fibers 83 yards, 2 ply 8 WPI

Salish fiber sample skein, woolen spun 2 ply 40 yards.

The next two skeins are the same fiber with different appearances.  
BFL dyed by Cloudlover.  Both skeins are chain plied and 9 WPI.   First is 40 yards, and the second is 124 yards.  The first skein was a state fair entry skein.

Mohair one single dyed purple, milk one single dyed blue, spun on spindles and plied together as a sample skein.  Fondly called my Jimi Hendrix skein because hubby said it looked like I was spinning a purple haze.

Alpaca etc, sample skein to practice support spindle spinning. 17 yards, 2 ply 11 WPI.

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