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Wednesday, March 31, 2004


I walked into work today and found out that the planners had decided to make the pending baby shower for one coworker into a joint shower for the two pregnant ladies. I have one baby blanket done, but the second one, which I thought would be needed in six weeks in now due NEXT WEEK.

I have never ever given a partially completed gift....but as they say there is always the first time for everything. I am fortunately closer to the second lady, who works on the shift with me, so I think I will be able to do just that, wrap up a partially knitted baby blanket. Oh but I am not happy about it at all. I should have stuck to sweaters.

It was a good move for the planners, and even the shower attendees. It is hard to find time for all of us to gather and celebrate, and still work around welll, work, and everyone's schedule. So I plan to just be silently brave, wrap up what ever is done, and hope it is still appreciated, as much as the completed one.

The stress is added by the fact that I have the exact same amount of time to finish up what I wanted to get ready for Greencastle fiber fair. I was actually feeling in control about that, have my last three days off before it planned, and should have had everything packed and ready to load in the car by Wed. So I have to decide, do I not work on the baby blanket, and do the rest of the fiber plans, or do I ditch some of the fiber ideas, go with what I have ready, and knit like a demon.

Sigh, and I was feeling so in control.


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