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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Spring forgives it all

I have been working extra, and work has been stressful, but it doesn't matter because it is spring. The time changed and I have not gotten the sleep I need, but it doesn't matter, it is spring. I stay grumpy for about two seconds, and then I look outside, see daffodils, yellow forsythia in full bloom, peach trees about to bloom, and my favorite of all, yellow dandolions, and purple violets, filling the pasture part by my lane. I would be hated in suburbia, but I just think the combination of purple and yellow to be beautiful.

I have been fighting the urge to buy buy buy fleece. I subscribe and read all of the fleece for sale type boards on Yahoo, and _everyone_ has been shearing the last two months. I want to buy them all. I have managed to stick to just buying one that I committed to last Dec. When I did the rare breed exchange I talked to a couple of breeders of CVM and decided to speak for a fleece before it was sheared. First time I have ever done that. I got that fleece last week, and oh it is a beautiful color. Very deep chocolate brown. I have done nothing but look at the top of the box of fleece since I got it, I have been too busy with work, and getting ready for the fleece fair. But I am sure I will have lots more to say about this fleece as I work with it.

Speaking of fleece fair, I finished up getting ready on Monday, and so have avoided the last minute feeling rushed to get ready feeling. I have 10 rubbermaid tubs packed with fiber and now am really excited about going. I will enjoy this year's fair for a number of reasons. I am decidedly sure now, I will not do this again, so this being the last year of having a booth will make it special. And being ready ahead of time, helps me feel relaxed about it all. And I am marking all fiber 20% off, so I am looking forward to a bit of rush from everyone shopping a sale.

Another thing I am looking forward to from the fiber fair, is picking up three fleeces processed at Woolyknob fiber mill. I called them yesterday, and yes they not only had the fleeces ready, they remembered they were bringing them to greencastle for me to pick up. So I saved shipping costs both ways, and that knocks at least $15. off each fleece's processing, if not more. And for the first time I will be paying for something at the fleece fair, that I can take right home and spin :)

For a knitting update, a picture of the first finished baby blanket. Tues was the shower and I did wrap up the second blanket with needles and yarn, and had to take the jokes about not finishing it. No sympathy at all from that non knitting group. The recieptient did joke if _she_ was suppose to finish it, and then seriously asked what it was going to be! I thought that the 8 inches knitted already would obviously be a blanket, but not to a non knitters eyes, I guess. So I have it back now, and it will be my knitting project this weekend as we drive to Greencastle and back.

I thought I would be able to pick up my knitting machine from the Brother dealer in Indianopolis on Friday on the way up to the fiber fair, but it doesn't seem to be done with it's reconditioning. I have yarn ordered, but not here yet, but I am getting very anxious to start learning the knitting machine. I was disappointed to find out it wasn't done yet, I will have to make a special trip up there when it is finally ready.

But that's OK, because it is spring.


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