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Monday, March 29, 2004

Yeah, I've been messing with HTML a little

So I've figured out how to do the list thing, it makes me happy, even if the list is skimpy.

And check out the very top left corner of the page, in case you missed it :) Who me, counting?

I am on a marathon stretch of working (away from home that is) and have not had time to do much on any project. This includes getting ready for the Greencastle booth which is just two weeks from now! I have gone through some of the available inventory, which is packed up and ready to go. I am off work tomorrow and I hope to report back an amazing amount of carded angora, ready to go. It's cold and rainy here again, which helps me with the temptation to go outside and play.

I have washed one black welsh mountain fleece, and plan also to card that and offer it for sale at my booth. It is my hope that the felting crowd will be drawn to the amazing black color and buy it for felting projects. I have had several of those projects in mind myself, mostly a large project tote bag. Can't you just see it in deep black with bright dyed needle felted flowers?

As far as projects in progress right now, I am working on the second baby blanket, and really liking the pattern. It is in blue and white yarn, and is coming out looking like checked gingham. I will have to get a picture posted when it is further along, and show how cute it looks. The due date for this is in about 6 weeks, still I need to keep after it, to get it done.

I should be receiving a Romeldale fleece in the mail in the next day or so. I am very anxious to see this fleece, which is the parent stock of the CVM breed, and is even rarer than CVM. More details later.

And along with that shopping, I was bitten by the yarn stash bug, and put an order in at Elann.com for White Buffalo yarn, the yarn that is barely spun, and 6 ply. I got enough to make a large jacket for me. And then my daughter enabled me to an ebay seller, with silk yarn for the knitting machine, and I bought way too much of that. Yummy black, grey, camel colors, along with two large skeins of very fine yarn, for handknitting shawls. Darn that stash bug anyway....


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