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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Spinzilla 2015

One week of spinning 1-2 hours each morning and maybe 30 min several times at night after work, gave me a total of 2007 yards of 2 ply yarn.  I used Spinzilla method of calculating yardage which counts plying.  So I spun 669 yards of 2 ply which times three gives the 2007 figure.  There were seven skeins in all.  Six were spun on my Roberta, the seventh was a combination of many samples of fiber I spun on the Ashford traditional quill spindle.  It is that top skein in the photo with 72 yards.

The six skeins are from the dyed alpaca I recently carded.  From left to right

Dark purple 80 and 88 yards 11 WPI

Light green 105 and 137 yards 11 WPI

Bermuda sand 107 and 80 yards 11 WPI


Laritza Rodriguez said...

You mentioned a shawl of multiple colors you want to knit with your handspun, I missed the name of the pattern, please?

YST said...

The shawl is called the Oslo Shawl by Helene Rush. The best way to locate the pattern is to search for it in Ravelry, she sells the pattern there.