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Friday, February 21, 2014

Portland fleece review

This post shows the photos for the Yarnspinnerstales podcast episode 105.  For this British rare breed review I worked with Portland fleece sample.

This shows most of the sample with some of the locks.  The locks were mostly open with a wavy crimp and a very pleasing spring to the lock.

I did my usual review by dividing the sample in half and combing one half and carding the other half.

On the combs

Instead of using my hand cards I decided to card one big batt on my drum carder.

So this shows top on the left and the carded batt on the right.  This fiber loved either prep, I got very nice preps to spin either way.

In fact the top was so nice to spin I got a 40 WPI single.  The drum carded fiber also spun well in a long draw woolen spin.  I just loved spinning this fiber, either way.

I got a lot of yarn too, there was very little waste in this sample.  The top yarn is the worsted yarn, 40 WPI single, 20 WPI 2 ply in the 65 yard skein.  

The bottom yarn is the woolen spin.  The single was 17 WPI and the 2ply 13 WPI  in the 43 yard skein.

Two completely different but wonderful yarns from one very versatile fleece.

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