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Monday, February 24, 2014

Art batt spinning

A break in the reviews of fleeces for podcast episode 106 of Yarnspinnerstales.  I had the day off and started one big spinning project and a smaller one that I finished a day later.  Since I finished the one yarn I did post it in the ravellenic finish line on Ravelry.

First I started a large batt of bamboo/silk blend called dreamcicle from Fluffington farms.  I loved the color and it is going to spin very nicely on my Ashford.  It was 4.6 oz and spinning thin, so it will take awhile to finish.

Here's the start of the bobbin

The smaller project was an art batt from Wild Hare Studio.  I spun the batt as a single and wanted a single to ply with it that was non descript so I chose a brown Salish fiber that I carded into batts and spun woolen.  So this first photo shows the art batt and the Salish fiber side by side.

My iPad camera just will not capture the brown of the Salish fiber it ends up on the orange side all the time.  These was so evident when I took photos of the two bobbins.  First the art batt single:
So nice and blue right?  Now the plied yarn:

Really in person, the eye sees so much more blue than the camera shows.  Here's a final shot of the yarn in a skein:

Final details:  47 yards 2 ply bulky.  The WPI is really hard to measure due to the thick and thin areas of the yarn.  It's nice and soft though!

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