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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Wheel YST Episode 61

April always means the chance to go to the Greencastle Fiber Fair, and I was lucky to go this year. I did a bit on 'impulse' buying too: a new wheel:
In case you don't recognize this wheel, it is a Majacraft Aura. I talk all about it in the Yarnspinnerstales podcast episode 61 The first thing I did was go through the various positions of the two bands, and recording just what affect they had on spinning. I found that many of them will not be positions I use, but the fact that the wheel is this adjustable is impressive. Making the chart of the settings will help me months from now when I find that I want to spin a certain way. I love the enormous bobbins, and fantasize about a winter long project of filling them with singles, enough to knit a sweater. I have a tub full of border leicester roving just waiting for that project. I think though the biggest joy is just how well a spinning wheel spins, that is so newly constructed. I have fussed with my other two old wheels for so long, that the joy comes in being able to just sit down at a wheel and spin.
I love having it signed and dated too! Although they use a code for the date, so referring to this Ravelry thread will help. The A stands for Aura, the M stands for 2011 and then the number of the wheel, 101.

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