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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finished socks

Somehow, summer has come and gone, and I have lots of blog entries on my 'list' that I just never found the time to post. I have a dear friend with a similar problem, she actually posted a photo of 'ketchup' since that is what all her posts where going to be. I'll spare you that, but would like a bit of forgiveness, as I do post a series of posts here, trying to catch up on my fiber doings over the summer. Or, even earlier. I think I finished these late March. I am looking forward to cool weather so I can wear them. It always amazes me that photos of socks make it look like I have gigantic feet. I really don't. And these socks fit very well, in spite of looking like they are too wide and would just bunch up in the shoes.

Details: Yarn: Lana Grossa Primo Needles: DPN size 2 Knit one at a time Pattern: My favorite basic ribbed sock pattern, K4 P2

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