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Thursday, August 20, 2009

YST episode 36 Spinning on a Charkha

I can not believe I am at the 36th podcast! It will soon be two years since I started this creative adventure.

Episode 36 of Yarnspinnerstales is all about spinning on a charkha, and this time I have two special guests sharing their experiences with their Bosworth book charkha. I also do a review of the DVD Charkha Spinning Tips and Techniques, by Elaine Benfatto.

But best of all, there is a Youtube video that not only shows spinning on the charkha but is explained in detail by my daughter. Check it out here.

A few photos just to show you the charkha. First, closed showing that it really is the size of a hard back book:

Next, the charkha opened, showing just how neatly everything fits inside:

And finally, the charkha opened and set up ready to spin:

Be sure to check out the webpage for the podcast, as I have posted lots of links there that relate to spinning with the charkha.

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