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Friday, February 20, 2009

Podcast update

I am still putting out the spinning podcast, I just have not put a post here for each one. So there are two for January, and one so far for Feb. They can be found here or by subscribing to Yarnspinners Tales on Itunes.

The topic for the January technical podcast is spinning and dyeing silk. I talk about the different forms of silk and how to spin them. I even have a Youtube video here, to show how to get a silk hanky ready to spin. In the second part of the podcast I talk about my experiences with dyeing silk.

January's spin-in topic is about the fiber cashgora, the goat breed that it comes from and also my comments about spinning some of the fiber. I thought I might try and make an Orenberg-like yarn, using one strand of cashgora and one strand of silk single. That project is still in progress, I have a bobbin full of the cashgora so far. I am spinning it on my Ashford with the lace flyer. There's also some upbeat music to listen to as you spin, as well as my tale about keeping my balance, both on the ice and in my life.

The latest technical podcast talks all about woolen vs worsted style of spinning, how to prep for each as well as the actual spinning technique that makes the yarn either woolen or worsted.

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