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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Knitting update

I still only have one major knitting project going. It's like candy to me, I just have no desire to knit on anything else but this:

It was previously known as Mystery Stole 4 and now has been named the Serendipity Stole. It's designer is Georgina Bow and here is where you can purchase the pattern from her.

The designer released six clues in all, and the pattern called to knit two separate parts following clues 1-5. Then clue 6 is knit only once on one of the halves, and will serve as the center of the stole. I am currently knitting clue six, and am happy that it includes beads. I find I love adding beads to the knitting, a surprise because I always figured I would hate the break in the rhythm of knitting. But I don't and the look of the beads on the lace is so appealing to me, I will be looking for other patterns to do again.

I also am in love with the yarn, Knit Picks Shadow in the color Lost Lake. It's a 100% merino, in lace weight. You know how knitters joke that if you are getting close to the end of a ball before the end of a pattern, you should knit faster? Well, I am at the opposite of that, I have lots of yarn, and not much pattern, and I am finding I knit slower, to make it last. Maybe after seeing the center, I could add another 'center' to the other end? I mentioned to hubby that I was almost done knitting it, and was sad about that, and his comment was, 'it's time to be done.' I guess he is getting tired of seeing the same knitting in my hands.

It's very hard to get a good photo of how wonderful it looks. I hope once I get it put together and can block it, I will be able to photograph it in all it's beauty.


Viki said...

Can't wait to see it in person.


cyndy said...


It looks great!

And kudoos to you for following all those clues!

...looking forward to seeing it all blocked out ;-)