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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hizzah! She knits again

That rumor you heard, that I hadn't picked up knitting needles for months...well, yep it was true. And if there has been no knitting, or spinning going on here, well then there was no blogging.

I hope that is to be changed now. I have actually picked up my needles again, and knitted. Someday that means there will be a photo of a finished product. Here's the fun part. I have started up on a mystery shawl that I stopped working on at least a year ago. The original mystery part of it was that the clues would come out periodically to be knitted as they arrived. That didn't happen, and I have all the clues in a folder, so now the mystery was, could I figure out where I quit knitting! It's lace work and I have a photocopy of the chart on a metal board, with the magnet under the line I am knitting. Can you believe, after a year of sitting in a knitting bag, that that magnet never moved? Well, I am deciding to believe it! And picked up the pattern from that point. Since the knitting is all squished onto a circular needle, and since I am very lazy about taking knitting off needles and onto a yarn line to look at it, I may end up with a funky part of the pattern in the shawl. So be it. I am knitting it for my knitting pleasure not for close up inspections.

Besides, I may have the luck to be picking up right where I left off.

So now that the knitting is back in my blood, what's on the agenda? I have a pair of socks to finish, a sweater almost done, and this shawl. Dare I set a deadline for them? I'm way past the deadline of being able to use them this winter (laugh), so I guess next fall is the option.

That's why I love this hobby. Nothing ever 'spoils' if you are slow in working with it. Ok Ok, yes the moths could munch on it, but generally, you put a knitting needle and yarn down, you could pick it up again years later. And maybe even know where you left off.


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