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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Envy Me

I must admit, I tend to be a bit of a curmudgeon about people gushing that I am lucky to live in the country. It's not a fair assumption, but they just seem so clueless about what life is all about, so far from the city. I want to tell them to come and clean the barn or weed my garden, but instead I smile, nod, and say I enjoy it.

Today however, I will allow all the gushing you want. I have been enjoying two picture perfect country life days, and will be the first to admit that it is enviable.

First off, the weather has been that perfection that only comes in spring and fall, here in the Midwest. Perfect cloudless skies, perfect temp, slight breeze, warm sun, spring popping up all over. It's the type of weather that lets you smile while working, or daydreaming in the sun. The colors are straight out of the Crayola box, sky blue and grass green. Maybe it's that specific angle of the sun this time of the year, that gives us those perfect colors. More likely it's the fact that there's no humidity to cloud the sky and change the colors.

Birdsong, all day long. Full of variety, full of life. Bees buzz by too busy to be a stinging threat. And yes, at one magical moment, the apple blossoms floated off the tree and on the breeze.

It's like being in a movie.

I may be gracious about allowing you your envy, because I was able to stop and enjoy the magical moments. Oh, sure I had mowing to do, but I also had several hours of enjoyment as I worked on skirting and sorting fleeces. I sat in the sun, violets blooming beside my chair. The air smelled wonderfully sheepy, as I sorted. My hands were full of lanolin. My mind was occupied with the amazing yarns that these fleeces will create. It will always be one of my more favorite tasks in this fiber craft.

And like a true restful retreat, I had a few days off and time to just soak up those sunny rays. Time off from my job, time off from the endless upkeep of the summer in the country, time off from the cold and rain of winter. Combine that with the joy of the fiber, and yes, I live an enviable life.


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