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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Still trudging up the machine knitting learning curve

Machine knitted red lace scarf Posted by Hello

This got a blue ribbon at the State Fair, in the machine knit category. The judge's comment was 'very nicely done'.
I was impressed with it even before I took it to the state fair, but that came from the fact that I got through the whole scarf in one sitting, after only one false start. In fact I was almost late for work that day, I had started on the scarf before work, and it was going so well, I didn't want to stop. 'Just one more pattern repeat' became my mantra.

I love the edges on the scarf. I did just a quick cast on and knitted on waste yarn. And at the end, I did rows of waste yarn. Then I raveled that back and put the live stitches onto one of my skinny lace knitting needles. I probably could have transferred the end of the scarf to the needles directly, but as I was running short on time, it was quicker to just zip six rows of knitting on the waste yarn.
So once the live stitches were on the knitting needles I did a regular cast off on both ends. I like this finish much better than the hemming I did on the camel scarf.

There are several other differences that took this project one step up the learning curve. I did the lace pattern repeats with very few plain knit rows between them. And I used a finer yarn, which turns out to be a good thing. The drape on this scarf is fantastic.

I made this scarf for my mother, who is a 'red hatter'. These groups of senior citizen ladies meet for outings all wearing their red hats, and purple outfits. I thought the scarf was a perfect addition for her outfits. Since the yarn is acrylic, it will be comfortable in her Florida area.

I love this old knitting machine, except for one thing. I find as I am knitting along, it is not the relaxing zen experience it should be. Instead I am holding my breathe with every pass, wondering what will go wrong. This does mean though, that the victories, like this red scarf, are even more special.


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