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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Comments fixed and a new fiber animal?

While reading other blogs on the SheepThrills ring, this blogger noted that I was a machine knitter and that she could not leave a comment about my machine knit scarf. That got me looking into the nuts and bolts of my comment section, where I realized I had it set so only Blogger members could comment. I remember selecting that thinking it would keep the spam at bay, but see now it was keeping others from commenting too. So that is fixed now, chat away if you please, it should be easy now.

And just to test it out, here is a picture of the new addition to our family. I am sure many folks can think of comments about a dog.

Barker posing for camera Posted by Hello

We have had him for a week now. We believe he was a 'dump the dog into the country' deal, because so far no one has come looking for a lost dog. I now know that he is mostly Corgi, maybe 100%, but unfortunately he didn't pack any papers with him. I seriously doubt I would consider spinning his fur, but he is a lovely deep black/brown color. And I think he is much cuter in person, he 'smiles' more. Somehow he thinks cameras need a serious look.

He is my constant companion when I am home, even if I go from one room to the next. Unfortunately he probably thinks he has been sent to doggie pergatory, because he seems to hate the country. He hates grass, especially wet grass, and darkness, and rain and probably snow. Well, we are working on getting him comfortable with this big place of ours. He goes out to the barn with me, waits patiently outside the door while I feed the rabbits and happily prances back to the house when we are done. He sits patiently on the back steps and watches me mow. As long as he hears the mower, he doesn't even bother to look for me He has made friends with one of our cats already, who now greets him when he goes outside with a good rub. So after a week, I guess that is good progress. I am just glad we were able to give him a loving home.


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Annie said...

Barker is a sweetheart! All the behaviors you're describing are consistent with an "abandoned" dog...Perdita still follows on my heels wherever I go, and we've had her now for almost four years. Hope to meet him in person soon! See you at the SBSTT!