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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


And lots of pictures to prove it. If you click on any of the pictures, you should get a larger size for better details.

First this is the suri lace scarf that has been on my WIP list on the side bar. I'll get it moved in another editing session. This is handspun suri alpaca fiber, and hand knit. The lace pattern came from an old lace sampler in the Brooklyn Museum and the pattern was notated by Susanna E Lewis in her book _Knitting Lace_. I adapted the pattern to fit into a scarf.

Brown suri alpaca handspun hand knit scarf Posted by Hello

Next is my first finished object from my knitting machine. I have been slogging up the steep learning curve for six weeks now, and have had some near misses, some almost worked items, but this one made it. It is from the camel yarn I recently purchased. I am very pleased with the resulting fabric of this yarn and will probably make quite a few more.

First finished object from knitting machine, camel yarn scarf Posted by Hello

Next pictures show a commercial project I have underway. I will be selling my handspun angora yarn in a local yarn store. I wanted to give knitters some inspiration about using 100 yards of angora, so I bought two commercial yarns, and made them in combination with the angora.

The first is a ribbon yarn. I carried the two yarns, and used the drop stitch pattern.

Ribbon and angora scarf Posted by Hello

I think it looks like a rag rug, but in a good way :)

The next is an eyelash yarn and strand of angora. I cast on 390 stitches on a long circular needle and did bands of the eyelash and angora.

Eyelash and handspun angora scarf Posted by Hello

and a close up so you can see the band of angora:

Eyelash close up Posted by Hello

This scarf is extremely long, skinny, somewhat biased. But I love it. It is very soft, floaty and shiny. Just needs my diamond crusted shades and cigarette holder to be glamorous, darrrllling.


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