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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Well, it finally happened

A 100% wool skein ruined by some critters munching.

I had planned to join the yahoogroups shawlknitters, knit along on the Estonian Garden shawl. They started sometime last week, but I had to order the pattern, and had knew I had a lace weight merino skein in my stash.

I got the pattern, read it over, and was ready to cast on in this morning's peace and quiet. So I got the skein, and started to wind it off. Hit a break after about a yard, didn't think anything about it, until I hit about another six breaks, same lengths. The skein itself looked fine, but give the slightest pull at that one spot and the yarn just floats apart.

This is not handspun, it was commercial yarn. And I will take the blame for the loss. Usually I am very very careful with the 100% wool yarn, handspun or commercial, zipping them up in tight bags with sachets. But this skein got put in an extra knitting bag, with another pattern, when I bought it last spring. I had intended to start the shawl, then the bag got pushed in the closet. And became lunch for some wayfaring critter.

No sign of moth at all, no sign of anything, but it has to be what happened. I am just sick at heart about losing that skein of yarn. When I bought the kit, the pattern and yarn together seemed like a great deal. Now what I have is just a very expensive pattern.

So I am back to square one about the knit along. I really wanted to knit it from homespun but didn't feel I had the time to spin for it and start along with everyone else. If I had started spinning two weeks ago, I just may have had the yarn done! Still trying to decide what to do.


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