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Monday, January 12, 2004

A New Look and A New Name

I got brave and changed the template for my blog, and I think I like it! I wanted the ring links at the top, and was able to figure out where to put that code, and have the template not change. I like the bigger font, and I think I am OK with the green color. It would probably not be my first choice, but it is easy on the eyes.

I should say a thank you to Cyndy, another blogger I read (riverrim.blogspot.com) for giving me the encouragement to do this.

Since I use the freeware version of Blogger, I will never be rid of that ad bar on the top, so just ignore it, or do like I do, enjoy the randomness of the ads that show up there, as the daily giggle.

As far as the name change, I found the spot to make this change while messing around in the blog edit area. It is ridiculously easy to do. I have never liked the name 'a better fiber blog'. It was all chance that named it anyway. When I broke the first one beyond repair and just started a second blog, and was asked for it's name, I of course was thinking they wanted something like a file name, something I would recognize later. So I wrote 'a better fiber blog' And then there is was, for all the world to see :) I didn't change it, thinking that would affect the ring codes, but I am wiser now, and know better. So the blog is now Yarnspinners Tales, since yarnspinner is sometimes a screen name I use.

I do not really understand HTML, but I am at least recognizing important bits, it's like being in a foriegn country and finally understanding their word for potty, I can't speak it, but at least I know where to go.


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