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Friday, November 21, 2003

Threadbear Fiber Arts Studio

is a wonderful place! I went last night for the first time, to their Thur night knitting and eating group. I was made welcomed and felt so at home. I am sure it is because it IS a home, their home, which just happens to look like the wet dream of all of us knitters. Imagine, yarn wherever you look, touch, walk...

I asked at one point how they could even go to sleep at night with all that yarn demanding attention. After seeing all the details put into the wonderful Persian food served, I know that sleep would probably come easily.

So where to start with impressions. Color. That is what hits you before you even get in the door. As we were driving down the street in the dark looking for the right house, I looked right and there was a window of bright light and color! Yarn! We knew we were at the right house.

My immediate impression of the color though was how nicely balanced it was by the warm brown wood floors and woodwork of the old house. The walls were not tamely painted either by any means, just a rich rose color in the front room that seemed the right backdrop for those shelves and shelves of color.

The next impression was one of touch. Sample garments were everywhere. A coat rack full of scarves in every yarn and style currently in fashion. Sweaters, felted bags, even a wall of socks. Inspiration hung from every nook and cranny.

I had to stop at this point from overload. Comfy couches, a big table and chairs (with everyone knitting) and a library with soft music in the background was the cure for overload. The yarn still beckoned, and again I went back to look.

Ahhh the chance to finally, finally touch some of the yarns I had seen in the catalogs flooding my mailbox these last few weeks. Firm functional wool yarns. Funky and fun sock yarns. Exotic silks and silk wool blends. Alpaca...alpaca...alpaca, still my favorite. Hugh arm full bundles of yarn in kilo skeins. Fibers that had traveled the world's currents to get there. Who could not want one of each.

Overload again. Back to my spinning wheel, which I brought thinking more folks would be spinning on that night. I had lots of pleasant conversations with those around me, as I carded and spun. New stories to hear, inside jokes to figure out, the fun of having those new friends laugh at one of my jokes.

Finally unfortunately it was time to leave. Since I knew I could not take one of everything home (now what a sweater _that_ would make!) I settled myself with a new book, a booklet, some sock yarn, and one glorious skein made from recycled sari fabric.

It actually is just like having a box of very good chocolates nearby. One for now, and many for later. I look forward to a monthly trip there, not only for the shopping, but for the joy of sharing what I make with those purchases with knitters that understand.

And to bask in that aura again. Whether it comes from the yarn, the colors, the textures, or the people, the aura in that place is amazing. Vibrant but pleasant. When I laid down to go to sleep that night, I could still feel it, just as if my aura had taken up knitting and was now cocooned in the soft energy of those colors.


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