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Saturday, November 01, 2003

I wasn't going to post, because I feel like I have not worked on any fiber related projects all week. I knew tonight I was definately in withdrawal, when I just had to spend some of my internet time cruising Ebay, looking at spinning wheels, looking at angora (this is sales research LOL) looking at handspun yarn, and mostly looking at fiber for sale.

And I know I am definately on overload, when I didn't really want to buy anything.

I didn't spin all week. I probably got overloaded on that after spinning for two days straight, a total of 13 hours last weekend.

I did knit some on Monday night, while watching the football game. I turned the heel...now I have always liked that phrase, turning the heel. It makes something so mystical about the process of just rearranging stitches, and decreasing. Anyway, I turned the heel on a sock that I am knitting for my mom for xmas.

I carried a stole I am knitting with me last Thur, but did not have an opportunity to work on it. Didn't have the free time I expected. The stole is out of a commercial kid mohair/silk yarn.

On my days off this week, I worked on plucking angora. I currently have 21 rabbits, and since most of them had their fur plucked or sheared last July, it is again time to remove loose coats. It amazes me that they continue to grow that fur in the heat of the summer. Course, I do everything I can to keep them cool, from fans to ice bottles. I plucked three rabbits on Thurs, two on Friday before work and two today before work. Weds I had to clean cages, which in a round about way, is fiber related work too :)

I am in the mood to spin some angora, I have not spun any in awhile. I have a big rubbermaid tub full of fiber wrapped in tissue paper, some is labelled for carding, some for dyeing and some, the best, for packaging up to sell. It will be a rainy winter's day off project in a couple of months.

One other thing I did recently was to join the Knitting Guild of America. I got the packet in the mail yesterday, and spent last night reading over the classes they offer. I am very tempted. I am also tempted by some of the knit alongs I see in Yahoo groups. I have also found the website of a new yarn shop, not real close to me, but close enough to go to now and then for a class.

I made a list of what I want to finish by the end of the year. It has 2 pairs of regular socks, and two pairs of big slipper socks, a scarf (all of those are xmas presents) and my shawl. After those are done, I will consider a group project, or class.


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