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Monday, November 10, 2003

Fibering along the way

I just got back from a lovely week's vacation. Oh it had it's moments, but those tidbits are in my livejournal

I looked forward to lots of knitting time as we traveled. I only got about a third done though. I found that when in Florida, especially at the beach, I have no desire to knit at all. A good book and a foo-foo drink (as the bartender and my hubby called Pina Colidas) is all I need.

On the way, I convinced hubby to stop at the Opryland Mall at the Bass Outdoor World. I found exactly what I wanted, which was one of those zippered ring binders with ziplock pages. I saw the suggestion for using those to organize circular needles, and I must say it is a grand idea. I got the binder and ten extra pages for under $15. Before we had left home I did an inventory of my circs, because I am being very tempted by a seller on ebay of complete sets. I had to figure out if I was at the point it made sense to get complete sets, or just add to my supply. I found I had several sets of one size and thought I would trade for sizes I don't have, then remembered I probably have them to make two socks on two circs. I've done that once, and have not decided if I want to do that again or not, so I will probably hold on to them for awhile.

While traveling I finished one sock for mom, but was unhappy with the ribbing. After I fixed that (there's a whole entry on here about that called unknitting) I started the second one, but only got about two inches into it. I am doing them on size 3 twelve inch circs. I like doing the sock on the small circs, except I find it had to do lace patterns, the K2tog are harder, trying to manipulate the circs.

I made one pair of slipper socks while visiting mom. Those are quick and easy and are usually done in several evenings of knitting. I had lots of yarn left over, I am thinking of doing a hat or something with the yarn (Lion Brand Homespun).

On the way back north, we happened to go through central Georgia. The cotton fields were full and bursting. I was driving on the freeway and hubby was asleep. I drove past acres and acres of open cotton. It was also all over the side of the freeway. I do not know if it blows from the cotton fields, or if it is blowing off whatever trucks they are using to take it to the mill. It was all I could do to keep driving and not pull over and grab the handfuls of cotton on the side of the freeway. We finally went off the freeway, and through lots of back roads. Hubby pulled off one by a field that had already been picked, and gleaned a few handfuls for me. He said the bolls are prickly and that hand picking would be quite painful. I had not known that about cotton plants. So I will play with carding some of this and spinning it. I do not have a chakra, and I have never had much luck spinning any kind of cotton before, but I just had to have some to try.

Alas, we are now home again. The knitting is unpacked and back beside my comfy chair. There is much to do, and two days home to get it all done, before going back to work again.


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