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Monday, July 02, 2012

iPad starts my blog again

I had lost the interest in posting to the blog and knew I wanted to fix that. My biggest problem was the photos. Taken with a camera meant getting it off the card, maybe resizing and then uploading. During the Tour de fleece on Ravelry I found out how quick and easy it was to take a picture with my iPad and upload it to a forum thread.

So next was to see if blogger worked with an app and the iPad and here is the first test post. I believe it is going to be super easy and that makes me very happy to be blogging again.

Just one test photo for this blog, most of the yarn I spun during the three weeks of the TdF, hanging to dry.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Yeah! Wish I had an easier way. Pictures are such a pain to upload, fix then upload...Maybe I need an ipad. Hubby still thinks computers are a waste of time (telling me this as he watches tv, mind you). I'm glad you have an easier way to post. I'm looking forward to your blogs!