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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fiber gifts and purchases

OK, so although there's very little fiber that I don't love, and lots and lots of fiber that I do love to spin, it's hard to say that I have a favorite. Natural Obsessions Fibers though is one fiber craftsman that time and time again has created lovely colors on wonderful fibers. Over the last couple of months I've been 'improving my stash' with fibers from her offerings on her website both as gifts and purchases. This lovely 100% blue face leicester wool is called Chipolte. I spun some of it into a two ply yarn and entered it in the state fair this Aug. The fiber is nice and soft and I love the color.
I have not spun any of this fiber yet, but what lovely fall colors! It's called Herb Shoppe and it is 75% blue face leicester and 25% tussah silk.
There is nothing better than mulberry silk, unless it's dyed mulberry silk. This is called Elusive because the colors are hard to capture on a camera. That's OK because it's the shine I want you to see!
Want even more shine? Then try tencel, shown here in a very saturated blue called Baltic. I've spun some of this already and the yarn is every bit as lovely as the fiber.
Since I've been at SABLE in my stash for way too long now, I have to limit what I add to it, however, that won't stop me from encouraging others to add to theirs, especially from Natural Obsessions Fibers!

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calicokitty6 said...

What lovely fibers! I, too, have been at SABLE for a while. I've tried not to add too much to it this year, but I'm tempted by the Tencel.