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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Keep on scrolling

I just posted five (yep five) blog entries today. So scroll on down to be sure you see them all.

Carry on...

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Cindy said...

I had to set up a moderation on the comments, this blog was starting to be hit by the spam crud.

And so in the learning process of moderating the comments, I accidently deleted two comments that were from real live readers, opps! Fortunately the comments also arrive in my email box and I could retrieve them, although it now looks like I am commenting on my own blog.

From Pete, who also has music to offer to listeners and my podcast:

Drop by and listen to Antiqcool sometime, most of our tracks are free to download and podsafe under this creative commons license so if you hear something you like, feel free to use it on Yarnspinner :-)

You can find us here http://www.antiqcool.co.uk and on The Podsafe Music Network


These tracks are getting a lot of airplay at the moment.

Girl in a Room

Love Light

Already Late