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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fiber fair purchases

Back in Oct I went to a fiber fair in Corydon Ind. Of course I bought stuff, what a silly question!

The wonderful white fiber is a blend of merino top and mulberry silk, it's going to be amazing to spin. The small material bag was sewn by a local artist and is for storing your DPN. I loved the fabric but what I loved even more was the magnetic closure she used, no chance of a stray needle migrating out and getting lost.

This is a braid of dyed BFL wool:

And the vendor right next to that was selling the BFL wool sock yarn:

Both are super soft fiber.

I also purchased a raw fleece and you can see a photo of that if you go on down to a previous post (YST episode 38 and 39).

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cold said...

I think you have a good job od selecting nice vibrant colors and good products.Have anything specific in mind to sew and knit?