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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The coolest birthday present

My daughter got me this fiber mystery box for my birthday. These boxes are the brainchild of Phat Fiber. Once a month boxes with samples from Etsy sellers is put up for sale on Phat Fiber's Etsy store. April box's theme was 'green' and so the idea was captured with either green color in the dyed fiber samples or yarn reclaimed. There was a very unique yarn created from soft cotton sheets, cut and plied with thread. A few of the natural fiber samples included angora, mohair and something called South Africian Fine Wool Top. There were patterns and also three wonderful stitch markers. It was like getting a present full of presents!

A few close up photos:


Gnat said...

What a great present!! That's so awesome!!

cyndy said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!

Your daughter knows how to pick out a great gift! Wonderful collection of fibery goodness!

calicokitty6 said...

Happy Birthday!

South African is wonderful fiber to spin. You're going to love it.

Happy March said...

ooh, I'm South African, I wonder what the South African fine wool top is. Does it tell you who the seller is? I'd love to get some.

I'd love to know what kind of spinning wheel you have posted in pics from 2007 on your podcast. my mother in law just gave me her old spinning wheel and it is identical to yours. It's missing the knob for the brake, and I don't know what I'm supposed to buy to replace it. Please help!

Cindy said...

The spinning wheel is an Ashford traditional wheel. If your wheel is older (like mine, probably made around 1976) you may have to come up with a creative solution, since parts may not be available. Do some searching on the internet for contacts for Ashford, as well as for pictures of what the knob looks like. All you really need is something to attach the brake band to that can stay attached while you are spinning.