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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can you knit in a hurricane?

I am not joking. I really did try to knit last Sunday when Ike roared through my state at 70 MPH. I found it was not the soothing pleasant hobby I usually enjoy, nor was it able to distract me from watching the limbs break off my trees and fly past my window.

Maybe I choose the wrong project. Maybe I should have pulled out some bulky cotton and made me some new dishclothes I need so bad. Maybe beaded lace was not exactly the knitting I needed at that moment.

I got one row knit, about three times. I'd knit about five stitches, recount, look at my chart, recount, place a bead, knit seven stitches, recount, look out the window, look at the chart, recount, jump at the extra strong gust of wind, frog back three stitches, recount, look out the window, place a bead, knit....

It took me an hour to knit 66 stitches. Even though the back row is a nice comfortable pattern of knits and purls, I put the knitting away, until the next day. Even when Ike was through, and the winds had died (and so had the electric) I didn't pull out the knitting because I was exhausted. And not feeling like knitting by candlelight.

All is well though. Lots of large limbs down, and a broken storm door at the back of the house is all that happened to this old house of ours. We are lucky. And we are still bone dry too, not a drop of rain fell. How can it still be called a hurricane and still be dry? Ah weather, just like current stole knitting patterns, remain a mystery. Pictures of the mystery stole 4 in progress will be posted after I complete clue 2. I have just started that clue, so that will be soon....weather permitting.


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cyndy said...

Glad to hear that Ike didn't cause you any troubles!