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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Help me hatch my dragon

Thank you, my dragon is all grown and is an adult now. It is labelled as an earth dragon, able to throw boulders for defense and cause earthquakes by stamping it's feet. I am still waiting to hear it's name.

Edit: It hatched! thank you everyone. If you keep up the clicks, just one per 24 hours, the baby will grow into an adult dragon. I need to think of a name.

OK this is so not fiber related, but I really want to try and get this dragon to hatch. It takes unique clicks and unique views. I do not know if that means one time only, or what, but I thought putting it here would get more unique clicks.

It goes to the website for Dragon Cave, and to all my ability, the website is not harmful or spam. You do not have to sign up, just click on the egg. The page you will go to is my scroll, with the information about this dragon.

Thanks readers, lets hatch a dragon.


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