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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Merry month of May

There was nothing 'May'-be about this month except my absence from blogging. Big life changes have no maybes about them.

I seldom write about personal things here, keeping this blog fiber related. It's much like those very specific newspapers that focus on world news from the perspective of the paper's focus. Lots of life happens to me all the time, but all I blog about is the knitting, spinning or podcasting that I manage to squeeze into free time.

So with that perspective in mind, let me say that a current life event will hopefully allow me with more time, for just those things. Maybe I will finally even blog more, maybe.

After working since 1976, I decided to take a sabatical. I am still required by hubby to call it that, to keep his faith that I have not quit working and retired for good. And in truth, I really don't feel ready to fully retire. Instead, I'd like a bit of time out (off) to decide just what I want to be, now that I am _really_ grown up.

I doubt it will be fiber related, this new career of mine. I say that because I truly have attempted that, although always while still working full time, and I find the fiber arts then become a job. Inventory has to be maintained (washing and carding fleece, spinning yarn) sales have to be begged online, or at local fiber fairs, etc etc. In short it's no longer fun.

No, I entirely want this sabatical to be fun. And if this first month is any indication, I am well on my way to just that.

Here's a bit of review. Note, most of this is the fiber bits.

Last day of work, May 2nd.

Frantic week of list making, errands, packing, getting house and pets ready for my departure for Sea Socks 08 cruise (yes, there will be pictures and details in a later post).

May 9-19th on the high seas, or in Seattle. Lots of knitters with me, lots of things to take pictures of, a few wonderful yarn stores, and even more wonderful yarn to buy. There was not much knitting actually accomplished, but it was lived and breathed every day.

Next week, a frantic week of unpacking, errand running, overdue paperwork and housework, and best of all, dyeing cotton both with my Tuesday knit group and by myself. That will all be explained soon, in the next podcast. All I'll say now is it was a surprisingly lovely shade of yellow and you'll never quess how I got it.

Last three days, a deep breath and finally relaxing into the wonderful fact that my time is all my own, for weeks at a time. I spent a good part of these days editing the next two podcasts, finishing a book I was reading, swatching for a new knitting project, and sleeping. Naps are a wonderful new discovery.

So for now, here's only the promise of more posts, more pictures, more knitting.

And a challenge: I plan to do the Olympic Spinning challenge again. Remember two years ago, my post about all the yarn I spun during the Olympics? This year I have something different in mind. I am still working out my details, just how much do I want to challenge myself. You all will be the first to know, when I decide.


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cyndy said...

So nice to read a post from you!

Glad to hear that life is good ;-)