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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Words without a picture says nothing at all

I did a very stupid thing yesterday. It took me about three hours to realize I did this stupid thing. I was having one of those kind of days.

Last Tues I finished the comfort wrap I have been knitting for a dear friend receiving chemo treatments. I rolled the wrap up into my knitting bag, and proceeded to have the type of the rest of the week, I generally have lately. Busy, distracted, frequent phone calls, less than normal sleep, very busy at work type week.

So every now and then while laying in bed before sleep would catch me, I'd think, oh I have to take a picture of the wrap, and lay and try and figure out the best way to display it for the picture.

Then Sat rolled around, a day off and I slept in. I had many errands planned for the day, and the highest priority was to get to the post office with a box to my friend, and a box for my mother so they'd get it by Valentine's day. In my pre 6 cups of coffee haze, I got the boxes packed and ready, and set off for the post office.

It was three hours later that I realized I had not taken a photo of the wrap.

I was really upset, I mean really upset, for a number of reasons. First, this seems to be the norm for me anymore, in my mid fifties, I seem to be unable to hang on to details anymore. This was just one such detail, take the picture before sending it away for good. Those type of lost details are happening to me all the time lately and it really upsets my sense of efficient living (and ego).

Second reason I was really upset, is that I know, just know, this blog post would have been so much more appealing with a picture! We all browse our favorite blogs for the photos. I can tell you that the wrap was done in a combination of handspun yarns, and a coned cotton yarn held as the base. I can tell you that I did a very quick knit on size 13 needles. I can tell you that I did a stripe pattern with the different yarns. I can tell you that I divided areas of the pattern with a garter stitch knit. I can tell you that I crocheted a scallop trim around the wrap.

Can you see the wrap yet? I thought not.

Words without a picture does not make a blog anymore.

I know the main reason I am sorry about all this is that I had really made it a plan to pay more attention to my blog entries, and my live journal posts this year. I think the blogs that are truly interesting are the ones that are actively part of the creator's life. Think about the blogs you love to check day after day, they have long entries speaking of the person, and their creative journey, and have pictures. Now granted, the blogging effort has been made easier in many geeky ways, but it still _takes time_ often a large amount of time in a busy life, to keep that blog interesting. I had hoped to work towards that goal this year, but first, I have to find a way to remember to take the photo before gifting the project.

Ah well, I have options. I will ask my friend to take a photo and email me the result. In my opinion it's alot to ask a non geeky friend going through chemo, but I may get a photo. If I do, I will post it here, as my penitence.


1 comment:

cyndy said...

I can surely relate to forgetting the details (there ARE so many of them it seems!)

But I can see your wrap~ and I thank you for helping me to use my minds eye this morning...

...and thinking good and healing thoughts for your friend, who I am sure will appreciate your gift.