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Monday, November 12, 2007

Dyeing inspirations

The colors around me this time of the year always make me want to dye yarn. So I thought I would include a few photos here for inspiration.

These are the leaves on my smoke tree:

I think what I really want is a knitted fabric that looks like these leaves. Not in an intarsia sort of design, where the colors are in specific shapes, but in a mottled blending of the greens and purples. I think those vivid stripes of leaf veins would need to be part of the concept too.

Here's just a general autumn color photo.

There's something about that maple tree that appeals to my dyer's eye. In real life, the coloration is very pastel which I liked even better. Here in the photo, I have darkened the color to be more visible.
Finally, wouldn't this vivid black be a great color to contrast with all those fall tones:

I love the black wooly worms found in my area. Don't ask me what that predicts for the winter! I can see no difference in the thickness of their coats from one fall to the next. Given that our winter weather can vary wildly, somehow I do not think these are 'official' winter predicting wooly worms. Nice color though, that's for sure.

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Lady Luck said...

colors in automs are fantastic: they always make me think about embraces :)
Nice blog ;)