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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Vacation shopping

I just got back from four days in Destin Florida, a wonderful vacation from work and home duties. We went to the beach, ate some memorable meals, met up with one of hubby's old friends and of course, went shopping. In fact one of the first things I did, after unpacking and unwinding, was to check the phone book for knitting store(s).

It occurred to me, once I was home that maybe I could have checked Ravelry for that information also. I really didn't think of it at the time, I was only using a public computer to occasionally check email. However I just went to Ravelry right now to see if it would have been a possibility. First I clicked people thinking maybe a listing might be there, but that doesn't exist (yet). Then I searched the forum board for Destin, and got (gasp) over 8400 hits. Well, turns out the top hits were correct, but the rest seem to be picking up something else, un Destin like related. However there was the name and address listed in one post of a yarn store in Destin, so there you go, it could work. Turns out it was a store not in the phone book either, so, either it was small enough not to want to pay the yellow pages cost, or no longer in business. Since I am not in Destin anymore (sigh) I can not say which.

But the good old non geeky method of the yellow pages did work, and I found a wonderful yarn store callled Unwind. If you get to Florida, look the up in the phone book and go. Technically, they are in Fort Walton Beach, but that's not far to drive and there was a fantastic coffee shop next door too (is that a given for a yarn store location? What comes first, the coffee shop or the yarn shop!)

Enough chat, first picture is the bag of purchases from Unwind. I only do this because really a bag so small should not cost so much LOL. I have a coffee mug beside it for sizing.

So What's in The Bag?

First a rainy afternoon of pleasure:

I love anniversary issues of magazines, almost as I love the premiers issues. If it says, 'first issue ever' I usually buy it, as well as any anniversary issues. I have been saving this as I said for an afternoon on the front porch with a cup of coffee. I hope it is as good as it promises.

And for many many hours of knitting pleasure, this is in the bag:

This is lace weight yarn of a brand I had not seen before. It is Jojoland label and is called Harmony. It is 100% wool and very soft in the skein. This 50g ball has 880 yards, so it's an amazingly thin two ply yarn. Size 0 is the recommended needle! However knit on a larger size will look airy and lacy too I imagine. It's going in my stash to wait for the right shawl or stole pattern. Oh, I must go now and put that in my stash on Ravelry, and I even have a picture to include this time! Meanwhile, if this link works, here are some photos of projects shown on Ravelry with this yarn.

But wait there's more in the bag, however it will remain a mystery for many months! That's because I know who reads my blog LOL. Someday the mystery will be revealed.


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