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Saturday, February 04, 2006

The finished shawl

It's finished! I haven't said that about any large skill knitting project for a long time.

I have heard that blocking will do wonders to a lace shawl, and saw it for the first time with this shawl. It looked nice unblocked, but looks amazing after blocking.

I was concerned about the alpaca yarn not holding the blocking, but after I took the pins out and have worn it, and shown it off, I see no change in the size, so I think this yarn is going to hold the blocked shape.

Here's some of the details on it:

Yarn: Baby silk (alpaca/silk blend) color is no on the label, it is a raspberry color. Yarn was purchased from Elann.

Size after blocking: 52" along top and 28" along the midpoint line.

Pattern: Mystery shawl 2 from the Yahoogroup. Pattern is now available from: www.bopeepswoolshop.com

Needles: Size 3

The next shawl to be done as a knit along will start Feb 16th. This one will be a square knitted from the center out. There are details on the above web site, a yahoogroup formed for it, and the swatch information available. You have to pay $3 though to join and get the pattern sections. I am going to be knitting this, but will be focusing on my Aran knit along (FLAK) first.


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cyndy said...

Very, very beautiful! And striking in that red, and I imagine it to be so soft in the Alpaca...what a wonderful shawl ...and I am still amazed that you had to figure out the clues to knit it! Really nice accomplishment ....