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Monday, July 11, 2005

Spindle Yarn

Here is the yarn finally from a rambo fleece I washed almost two years ago. I took the very best part of the fleece, and combed it with my small hand held combs. And then I spun the top with a drop spindle. The spinning took more than a year, but that is because I rarely spindle spin at home. I have fond memories of the many places I did work on spinning this yarn. There were many odd Tuesday night gatherings at Barnes and Nobles, several evenings of listening to music and drinking wine at local wineries, and also one big gathering of dear spinning friends across the country called our Center of the Fiber Universe Picnic. I am sure there are many other places that have just slipped my mind. Next time I do a long term spindle project like this, I think I will slip a notebook in the bag and just jot down where and when I did some spinning.

The yardage is a few inches short of 200 yards 2 ply and the skein weighs 2.5 oz. It has been washed and put up into a 2 yard skein. That skein size is a requirement for the State Fair as I plan to enter this skein in the fair this year.

In other fiber news, I have finally been spinning every day, or washing and combing a Jacob fleece. The rush of spring outside work is over, and the hot summer heat and humidity have me glad to be inside in the A/C working with fiber again.


Spindle spun rambo yarn

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