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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Everyone needs a sock knitting box

Cigar box outside

Inside cigar box purse

I had read the occasional comment about cigar box purses, but had never seen any in real life. I was curious because in going through the stamp stash from my Dad, I now have a dozen empty cigar boxes. I had planned to make a purse just off of the top of my head, I figured I'd come up with something usable. However, when I went to the flea market yesterday, I saw this and decided I would buy it, because I love the 'kitsch' of it, and it gives me a good example to copy when I make some more.

Oh, not that I would copy the design idea, I have plenty of other designs in my mind, quilting themes, stamps themes, yarn themes...No I just liked having this example for the finishing details, and what hardware to look for.

Meanwhile, until I find the time to make some more, this cigar box purse will hold my current sock knitting project. It can slip into a larger bag, if I am traveling, or just be grabbed for a Sunday knitting group.


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