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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Finally a finished project

Mohair shawl

This is a shawl I have been working on for almost two years. It's not that it's hard, I just put it down at one point because I was bored with it. And I do not like to work with the mohair in the summer, so that meant setting it aside at that time of the year too.

I am very happy with it though, and plan to wear it and show it off often.

The yarn is made by Adriafil and is called Touch. It is super kid mohair, nylon and a bit of wool. I used two balls and carried two strands while knitting.

The pattern is very simple. This is a rectangle shawl and I used size 10 1/2 needles to get the very lacy look. I cast on 74 stitches, but any number which will allow the pattern to be worked over 3+2 will work. The 3+2 means that each end stitch (the +2) is knitted and the 3 pattern is k1, yo, k2tog across the row.

There is a border pattern on each end of the rectangle that really adds to the shawl. It is 17 rows, knit rows 1-5, then a row k2, *k2tog, yo* repeat between stars until last 2 stitches which you knit. Then knit rows 7-11, do the lace row again (row 6) and knit rows 13-17. It looks very nice for such an easy pattern.

I plan to wear the shawl with a large pin gathering each end in the front. The size is just right for it to then fit across my shoulders and being so fuzzy, it stays in place. However, I doubt I can wear it over a dark color, it will shed on the clothing underneath unfortunately.



cyndy said...

Beautiful! Stunning! A job well done!

Lavender said...

That is really beautiful!

Lucie said...

How lovely! congratulations on finishing a longtime project.