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Monday, November 29, 2004

A Picture worth many words

About three months worth of spinning

I could just leave it at that, but well I have never been one to post a picture without saying something about it!

The lincoln and shetland were samples given to me by various spinning buddies. The color in the photo is not true, the bottom shetland is a lovely gray. So is the angora next to it, in fact they almost match exactly in gray coloring. I have no plans for the shetland and lincoln, I think the small skeins like that will eventually be put in the aran afghan that I have plans to knit.

I have no plans for the angora, I probably will sell that skein. The black welsh mountain was spun with the plans of being knit into a felted bag, with needle felted flower design on the side. The mystery fiber (CVM?) is very slubby and I have not really decided if I will do anything more than maybe make a square for the ongoing warm up American afghan that my knit group works on all the time.

The alpaca is of enough yardage of the same color that I could get a shawl from it. I have to swatch and decide just what type of shawl I want to make. I am still considering whether to dye that yarn or not, it will depend on what pattern I finally pick.


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Annie said...

That alpaca looks marvelous (and so do the other skeins!). Have you seen the flower basket shawls that folks are making (from the Fall IK), or even the shawl that was in the fall issue (I think) of Knitty...depends on whether you want a lacey or a warmer shawl. Beautiful stuff, though. Have you dyed alpaca before? I'm wondering if it has the same issues with dye take-up as angora...