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Friday, October 15, 2004

Consolidating some of the past blog entries

I know I have the Sheep breed notebook information in several entries over the last years, so here is a listing of the dates. Just click on the archive on the side bar to get to the right month.

Breed notebook (past to recent)

Oct 14 2003 Breed Notebook part 1
Mar 12 2004 Rare Breeds part 1
Mar 19 2004 Rare Breeds part 2
June 11 2004 Working with Rambouilette
Sept 22 2004 Breed notebook
Sept 25 2004 Rare breeds
Non rare breeds

You really do not have to read them in order.

Also posts relating to washing fiber at home:

Oct 17 2003 Net bag washing fleece
Sept 14 2003 Washing cormo locks

Now you don't have to wade through all of my other posts to find these entries!


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Lavender said...

I've been really enjoying reading your notes on the different sheep breed. It's very informative.