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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Breed Notebook

is actually a misnomer. What it is turning out to be is a massive group of yarns, fibers and notes with no useable way to contain them. I was so hoping this morning, when I worked on this final step of the project, that it would be complete and stunningly contained in a notebook. When I finally finished putting everything into plastic sheets, it filled _six_ notebooks!

The problem is that I spun an average of 10 to 15 yard skeins, twice, once for a combed preparation, and once for a carded prep. I love the concept because many times it really showed that a fiber was more suited for one prep or the other. However, these are very bulky to stuff into a plastic sleeve and that is how one notebook grew into six.

It has always been my intention to use most of the skeins to knit a sample square of the fiber. I have not actually decided if I want to go as far as to knit a sample from both the combed and carded skeins. But even when I use up at least one of them, I will then take the remaining yarn and have the traditional smaller sample skein for the notebook.

I had tried to sidestep the knitting for right now, because I wanted to take the notebook to SOAR, to share. I am not sure now if I will do that, I am still racking my brain for a better method of containment, if I want others to look at it.

I am also trying to decide how I want to seperate the different breeds. I could go by the micron/softness scale or I could go with a rare breed section and a section for those that are commonly available. I could do it alphabetically too, and seriously I think that is what I will use in the end.

I have written two previous posts about this project, with my notes as I spun the different breeds. I still have one more post to do, with the remainder of the breeds. At that time I plan to do a checklist of breeds I would still like to add. Hard to believe there are more, but if one just looks at even the rare breed list, there are plenty to add.

So it is with a heavy sigh that I have to report that this project, so far three years in the works, is not really completed. It's pretty nifty, to see all of those samples and notes, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of the fibers. Maybe that is why I am feeling patient that the project has plenty more to do on it yet.



Annie said...

I'm wondering if a trip to Office Depot might not be in order...or a scrapbooking store. I also can't help but wonder if something like a video storage box might be a better way to contain/showcase all your samples... You should definitely bring them to SOAR to show off--and to share--you've put in a TON of work, and I know others will want to see. Miss at Tuesday nights...hope stuff at home is progressing.

Katherine said...

I agree with Annie--How about a file box of some kind--then you can put all the envelopes in the box with tabs -- easy to store and find what you're looking for. It'll actually take up less space than 6 binders.

Cindy said...

Good ideas! One of the problems I am having is I used clear plastic photo pages. I like this because everything is very visable, and one does not have to take the yarn and fiber out of something just to look at it (touching is a different issue, but the skeins go in and out of the pockets easily) The problem is these pages are not rigid, and also slippery, which makes containment a problem.

So combining your idea of a file box with big cardboard division tabs, and small rings to connect the pages that need to stay together, is sounding like a very workable solution.

I love being able to brainstorm with others through the internet!

Oh boy, I get to go to Office Depot :)