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Friday, April 23, 2004

Goddess and Dragons, oh my

I thought I'd share the birthday presents I just bought for myself.



An internet friend bj has a website Moonspinners and these are two of her spindle designs.

They are hard to photograph, because they are shiny. The goddess did ok with my camera, the dragon is even more beautiful than the photo shows. I asked bj to do a dragon design for me, and she found the perfect design and combination of colors for me.
Check out her website and see if you find a perfect design too.

These are fitting birthday presents, since my birthday is May 1st. No matter how old I get, I still love having a birthday, because it falls on Beltane. I think it is a perfect day for a birthday, whether I celebrate alone, or with the whole world (Kentucky Derby is on my birthday this year too!) I clean the porch good and officially declare it open for summer sitting. We will make our traditional May wine, and hopefully build a fire in the firepit in front of the porch. It's a tradition for us, just like birthday cake.

These two spindles have made me think about the possibility of magical spinning. I know one pagan that did knit mittens with intent, and of course there is always the orthodox prayer shawls. What would magical spinning be for? Meditation only? Focus for circle energy? Or would I get too distracted by the 'production' process going on, and not really focus? Anyway it is something to think about, and I will definately be using these spindles at home for the pleasure of seeing their beautiful colors swirl as I spin.


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