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Friday, March 05, 2004

Spring and a Project Review

It was definately a springlike day today. Strong winds, rain one minute, sunshine the next. My daffodils are six inches high, and the crocus are blooming by the back door.

I spent most of this week getting back into a routine after traveling to see my Mom. By today, the housework was done, and the paper clutter reasonably under control, so I split my day off between doing laundry and spinning.

I have not figured out a good way to handle a finished project list on this blog. Until I do, here is sort of a quarterly review of projects I am currently doing.

Finished 2004

Hand spun CVM knitted socks
Four doll sized dog sweaters, from Lion Brand yarns

In progress Knitting

Blue baby blanket for coworker 1/2 done
Lace rectangle stole in Adriafil's Touch 1/3 done

Breed notebook samples, 12 more to go
Wool Baaaaadd exchange silk latte samples

Washing suri alpaca
Carding 100% angora

I did a quick ply on about 10 yards of some fiber I had spun on a drop spindle at the last knitting meeting. I was so excited about the yarn sample I had to look up in my dyeing notebook, just when and with what I had dyed it. It was a blue faced leicester white roving that I had dyed in a crock pot with Black Cherry Koolaid. I had noted that the color was raspberry in the dye notebook, but looking at it today, it is a dead on coral, like coral jewelry. It catches my eye on the niddy noddy everytime I walk through the living room. I also rediscovered how much I love this roving. It spins thin, and stays thin after plying, unlike alot of the yarns I have been making lately. Maybe it was a top and not a roving, that would account for the smooth yarn. I doubt I have enough in the four ounces I dyed, but this yarn just begs to be a lacey shawl. It is not cobweb, but a fingering weight and would be perfect for an evening out.

Maybe I should start a list of 'almost started' projects


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