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Monday, February 02, 2004

Look what's in my spinning basket

Saturday at my place, the weather was truly awful. Things are chaotic at my house, and I really could not keep to my regularly planned day off. At one point, I looked at the four baskets huddled in the corner by my electric spinner, and decided if I couldn't put any order in my day, I would put order to _something_ at least. So I pulled out my spinning basket.

Here's what I found.

Three bags of fiber that are part of my breed sampler book I am creating. I set those aside and actually worked on spinning that later in the day.

Small 2 pitch combs
One dog coat comb all part of my fiber processing

2 rulers
Index cards
2 small notebooks

Wires for ties on skeins (I use thin phone wire, which is multicolored and handy to keep track of what is on that skein)
7 ink pens, three pencils that's where they've all gone
Small scissors YEA!
Homemade lilac handcream Yum

One big black button ??? (I later remembered I was trying it as a diz)
Small felted ball, IE cat toy rescued from the path of the sweeper

6 yarn ball bands from past knitting projects
6 pieces of paper with spinning notes on them
3 invoices from fiber purchases

2 small odd balls of handspun yarn

3 cardboard cards with various samples of handspun wrapped on them

Mystery piece of roving in white and brown color That went in the trash

Small baggie sample of border leiscester roving with business card

Everything got sorted and some got put back in the basket. I then proceeded to spend an enjoyable hour working on three of the breed samplers, Shetland, Coopworth and Targhee. I will be posting more on that in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, the weather is still lousy.


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