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Monday, February 09, 2004

Brioche Stitch in the round explained

I have been making the brioche gaiter in the Fall 2003 Interweave Knits. I am really happy with how it looks, now that I have the stitch figured out. This picture shows it in progress and almost done. The only fiddly part still is the end of the rows and the marker. I really have to watch or there will be an extra stitch or not enough stitches. It is because the rows start and end with a YO and sometimes the marker is between that and the next stitch, and those are the two stitches that should be purled together. So I have put one stitch 'aside' move the marker and then put the stitch on the left hand needle, to do the P2 tog.

All of that last statement will not really make sense to those of you that have not messed with the brioche stitch in the round (also called the prime rib stitch)

So I have kept alot of notes as I was learning the stitch, and have found a way to write it out, that makes more sense to me. I have enough confidence that I have things straight now, to go ahead and put these notes on this blog.

I cast on to straight needles and did the two set up rows. I then knit the first pattern row on circular turbo 12 inch needle, size 5. These are those small circular sock needles that are so popular. My angora/silk yarn is very slippery and I have to really watch when I put the project down, or the stitches slide right off. I also have to stop at the number one pattern row, or I am not sure I would pick it up and start in the right place. But I really am getting the ribbing look.

Since I wanted it to be wider, I cast on 100 stitches.

First set up row: *YO (yarn is in the back, comes to front between two needles, wraps right needle and goes to the back. The very beginning YO is more of a motion with the right needle to wrap the yarn around it, after that, make YO as stated. S1 as if to purl (purlwise) with yarn in the back. K1* repeat stitches between the starts. (This row does increase in the number of stitches)

Second set up row: *YO (exactly as the YO in set up row one) slip 1 purlwise with yarn in back, K2tog (these are the previous rows slip 1 and YO)* repeat stitches between stars. You are back to the original number of cast on stitiches.

Brioche stitch
Row 1: Yarn is in front, *P2 tog (you are purling the purl stitch and the slipped stitch from the previous row), take yarn from front to back over right needle, hold in back and slip 1 pwise (you are slipping a K stitch of previous row), bring yarn between the needles to the front (you have completed a YO)* repeat stitches between the stars, end with P2 together, S1 purlwise yarn held in the back. Slip row marker.

Row 2: *Yarn is held in the back and brought between the two needles to front, S1 purlwise (you are slipping a Purl stitch from previous row), take yarn from front to back over right hand needle, K2 tog (you are knitting the knit stitch and the slipped stitch of the previous row)* Row ends with K2 tog, slip marker, bring yarn to front and start row 1 with P2 tog.

These two rows are repeated until the gaiter is the size to fit your neck comfortably (around 7 inches). End with round 1 and bind off with a normal cast off on round 2.

I am about half way done with this, and now the stitch has a nice rhythm. If one remembers that you knit the previous knit stitch on the K2 tog row, and you purl the previous purl stitch in the P2 tog row, it is pretty easy to figure out where you are in the pattern, if you put it down.

I saw that the Winter 2003 has a lovely brioche stitch vest for men in it, and now I am sure that is what I want to do next. I am thinking an alpaca blend yarn, but do not have any made, so I guess that means drum carding to blend, and spinning before I can think about knitting it.


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angelcso100 said...

OMG thank you so much. I have wasted a week going totally insane with this stitch. This is the best explanation. Common sense! Why hasn't anyone else done this? THANK YOY, THANK YOU.